ages 10 - 12

Classes run Saturdays 10.00 - 13.15

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Children have the option to take up Contemporary Dance or Street Dance. Both work on technique and towards performances.

Street Dance includes breaking, popping, locking, building their strength, balance, co-ordination, control and rhythm. ​

Contemporary Dance works with aspects of modern, jazz and ballet whilst focusing on storytelling and expressing emotions through dance.


CONTEMPORARY 12.00 - 13.15

STREET DANCE 12.00 - 13.15


Children are introduced to different styles of text e.g Shakespeare and poetry. The children are encouraged to be bold and confident in class and to take risks when devising characters. We often do a Film term where the children can write and film their own short films. The children practise drama games and vocal warm ups including articulation and resonance to improve performance and public speaking. 


10.00 - 11.00


The children are challenged further in their singing training and are encouraged to sing confidently on their own. Harmonies are introduced as well as more advanced technique such as articulation drills, breath support, resonance and harmony. Children work towards end of term showcases.


11.00 - 12.00