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Bringing the joy of performing to your household!


Do you want your child to have more social interaction at home? We are currently running sessions for small groups of friends to come together and play games, dance, sing and do creative tasks.
Our teachers are also offering 1:1 sessions in acting, dance and singing. Do email Emma for more information.



**Please note, now that we are able to run clubs in-person, there is a chance not all online clubs will run or age groups and themes may change, depending on numbers.

Summer 3: Monday 10th - Thursday 13th August FILM CLUB!

Write and shoot a film in a week over Zoom! Create your characters from scratch, learn about script writing then shoot, direct and edit it together to finish with an awesome film to keep!

ages 7 -14

Summer 3: Monday 10th - Wednesday 12th August DANCE CLUB!

A three day workshop taught by industry dance teachers exploring different styles such as street dance, contemporary and broadway jazz! Finish the week making an awesome music video to show your family!

ages 5-8 

- We are offering a reduced rate but still aim to provide at least 4 hours worth of activities, with 2-3 zoom sessions per day.  The children do not have to participate in all exercises if they do not want to, but we would aim to have a mixed schedule of activities to keep the children active and not always looking at screens. 



"Honestly that filled my heart with joy amidst this bizarre and upsetting time. That was absolutely lovely. So good for the kids. Thank you, thank you, thank you." 

"My daughter was absolutely hooked from start to finish. She got a huge kick out of it and for the first time since the lock down, she was consistently happy. "

"Before starting I didn’t really know if it would work and had doubts about whether this would work but it did! Having some structure to the day was very beneficial for my daughter (and us)"

"Thanks so much for all the effort and for coming up with a way of making it work. I know my daughter especially enjoyed being able to see and hear others on zoom" 

"The experience on Saturday was amazing and so great the kids can see each other and interact"


- EARLY BIRD SPECIAL Just £18 per day  / £90 a week until 10th July.

- Book after 10th July and the price is £100 a week / £20 a day.

- 25% sibling discount 

What do the children think of the online clubs?
We asked the children what they think of Online Gems


We have a FREE Vimeo Channel with over 40 videos which all our Gems can take part in! Classes, exercises and challenges! Send us your videos, we'd love to hear from you!

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