Why is Gems Performing Arts special?

​​​​​​​We are not a franchise.​​
We are proud to be an enthusiastic, local company who enjoy giving back to the community.

There are hundreds of big stage schools all across London, but unfortunately, at these big schools, children can get lost as the numbers are so large and this can be intimidating. Especially for a young child who has never danced or sung before. Most children join Gems Performing Arts as they enjoy performing and want to learn new skills, but more importantly, to shake off their shy tendencies, to grow in confidence and to interact with other children. We care about each Gem and love to watch them grow in confidence in a supportive environment. We aim to have a personal relationship with all children, teachers and parents to ensure that we can provide feedback to help towards the development of your child.

All our teachers live near to the schools and have worked extensively in the industry. We are passionate about teaching and performing arts.

We have high aspirations for the school and we will do our very best to ensure that each individual pupil fulfils his or her potential​.​

​Why should Children take part in Performing Arts?
We strongly believe that the Performing Arts can have a hugely
positive effect on a childs development.
Why should Children take part in Dance ?​

• An exciting form of exercise

• Building core muscles and good posture

• Communicating with our bodies and others

• Getting to know and understand our bodies

• To learn the values and skills of creativity, problem solving and risk taking​

• Learn about other cultures of dance

​Why should Children take part in Drama ?​​

• Learning to be independent and to think for themselves

• Interacting with other children

• Listening to others and sharing

• Making mistakes in a safe environment and without humiliation

• Pushing themselves in new ways which builds confidence and self-esteem

• Exploring their bodies and connecting to words and texts

• Thinking creatively and imaginatively​

• Become good speakers and learn how to memorise efficiently

Why should Children take part in Singing ?​

• Learning to use our mouths and bodies in new and disciplined ways

• Tongue twisters to build muscles to improve speech

• Learning basics in breath, rhythm and melody

• Listening to one another and working as a team

• Expressing ourselves and exploring the music that we love to listen to